Why invest in the Collegium?

Because students today will shape Slovakia tomorrow.

Today’s young people – university students – will in a few years be the leading figures of political, economic, cultural, academic, and spiritual life in Slovakia.  Will they be capable of protecting this country’s newfound freedom from attacks of relativism, superficiality, and other forms of modern subjection?

We believe that only principled and thoughtful people with a sense of social responsibility can meet this challenge.  Such persons are not born, but made.  The Collegium Anton Neuwirth wants to offer today’s students what can be the key experience of their life and the life of our society.

Can we afford to leave the formation of a new generation to chance?  We are confident that the answer is no.

Selection of 27 talented university students

A recap of the Collegium

  • A two-year’s residence at the Collegium Anton Neuwirth
  • Seminars 2x a week, focused on the intellectual, cultural, and spiritual tradition of Western civilization
  • Colloquia on current issues
  • 7 intensive community weekend programs of different themes
  • The experience of community life
  • Many opportunities for spiritual growth