Personal development

The vision of the Collegium Anton Neuwirth is hundreds of men and women in different spheres of public life in Slovakia and Europe, who, with sound intellect and a virtuous life, will bear witness to Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

Emphasis on leadership

Anton Neuwirth dreamt of an institute that provides young people the space and time to prepare responsibly for service in society.

Indeed today’s young people – university students – will in a few years be the leading figures of political, economic, cultural, academic, and spiritual life in Slovakia.  Will they be capable of protecting this country’s newfound freedom from attacks of relativism, superficiality, and other forms of modern subjection?

We believe that only principled and thoughtful people with a sense of social responsibility can meet this challenge.  Such persons are not born, but made.  The Collegium Anton Neuwirth wants to offer today’s students what can be the key experience of their life and the life of our society.

At the Collegium, students have the chance for inspiring meetings with public figures.  Students have the opportunity to encounter the theme of leadership and public service across different platforms – in questions in seminar, in each text, in weekend training, and in engaging in many debates together.  The same degree of student participation in creating and running the Collegium program supports the atmosphere of accepting responsibility for society, in which every individual lives.

Mentoring program

Mentoring is part of the Collegium program.  Each student has one’s own personal mentor, selected on the basis of mutual preferences.  Mentors – members of the Ladislav Hanus Fellowship – provide students with guidance on their path to discovering their life mission.

Mentoring varies depending on the needs of a student.  Among the most common mentoring objectives are self-understanding, personal, spiritual, and professional growth.

„Veľmi živo si teraz uvedomujem, ako veľmi potrebuje mladý človek mentora; niekoho, kto nastaví zrkadlo jeho vnímaniu reality. 

C. S. Lewis tomu v ‚Surprised by Joy’ venoval celú IX kapitolu (The Great Knock – veľmi odporúčam študentom KAN toto čítanie ešte pred tým, než začnú mentoring :)).

Preto som bol môjmu mentorovi veľmi vďačný a takisto aj ďalším, že mi boli stále ako kameň v topánke. Keď som si myslel, že je niečo dobré, ukázali mi, že to môže byť lepšie. Keď som si myslel, že som exceloval, tak mi povedali, že to ani zďaleka nebolo excelentné. Mentora teraz vnímam ako neodmysliteľnú súčasť dospievania – osobnostného aj intelektuálneho.”

Jakub Betinský