The Collegium’s pillar of community

Life together is not only about study, but also about a community where authentic relationships and life-long friendships spring forth. Life in a community of like-minded young people can bring many friendships and, at the same time, the opportunity to exercise values where it is most difficult: in interpersonal relationships.

The word ‘community’ may sound a bit unusual, and perhaps too spiritual.  We could replace it with ‘fellowship,’ or as in the book, The Lord of the Rings, “the fellowship of the ring”. After all, each graduate acquires the same ring at graduation, as a symbol of the Collegium experience and community.  Our community – like Frodo’s – knows too that those who begin to give, receive the most: oneself to another, enriching each other and drawing closer toward a common goal.

Community activities:  Most community activities are not on the calendar, but happen spontaneously – from activities, such as tidying the manor house, enjoying a glass of wine (or two or three…), raking leaves in the garden, to cooking together and celebrating birthdays.

Community dinners:  These take place every Monday and Thursday evening.  The Collegium caters on Mondays, students cook on Thursdays.  If one has never had the chance to cook a three-course dinner for 25 people, one will have this opportunity in groups of 4-5 classmates, 3-4 times each year.  There is even a Collegium cooking competition this year.

Student dance:  Just as the must-have at every good Slovak university, at the Collegium the students prepare the Beánia, the traditional university dance or ball, where senior students welcome younger students.  It is one of the largest meetings of the Collegium’s newest students with its graduates. The program includes entertainment numbers capped with agape and merriment often until the early hours of the morning.

Študenti o komunitnom živote

People around me were equally important. I have never doubted that good will has formed all of our decisions in our common life. To meet so much people like this is a rare experience. Moreover, a lot of their decisions and habits were inspiring and they set an example for me.

Andrej ZháňačStudent

College gave me the great relationships with young and talented people, from whom I was able to learn a lot and it also made me more humble. During the year in College I met a lot of interesting people from Slovakia and also from abroad. One year here showed me how really good education system and school can look like – school can be a place, from where you do not want to leave and you are impressed by every new idea and it makes you hungry for education. College also learnt me to cook regularly for more than 25 people :).

Mirka DurankováStudent