Why study in the Collegium?

One learns to think critically, to inquire, to formulate arguments and assess their veracity, aiding in further study and also in professional life.  Collegium’s academic pillar is designed to be manageable alongside university or an internship.

Do not expect typical lectures at the Collegium.  We emphasize seminars, tutorials, essay writing, and discussions (colloquia).  We do not overload with information nor require the memorization of facts.  We want to stimulate the ability to think critically, without losing heart.

„Presne si pamätám jednu z prvých viet v Kolégiu: ‚Prišli sme do Kolégia, aby sme sa naučili rozmýšľať.’ Vtedy som si myslel, že je to dosť povýšenecká fráza. Teraz chápem, ako povýšenecky som rozmýšľal ja. Úplne sa zmenil môj vzťah ku knihám, ku štúdium a vznietila sa vo mne ‚túžba po poznaní’. Kolégium je pre mňa miestom, kde sa mladí učia umeniu myslieť. A musím k tomu pridať, že sa učia nielen rozmýšľať, ale aj hovoriť – dva druhy umenia, ktoré padli za krvavú obeť liberálnej samozrejmosti!”

Jakub Betinskýabsolvent Kolégia

Study-formational program alongside university

The Collegium offers the opportunity for intellectual, professional, and spiritual development. Courses in practical philosophy, the heritage of Western civilization, and colloquia enable one to broaden one’s knowledge and to prove and defend it. The program is enriched by weekend events and community activities of the Collegium. All takes place within a group of 20 students under the guidance of teachers from Slovak and international universities.

Study in the style of prestigious universities

The Collegium operates according to the model of prestigious medieval universities. Like Oxford, students and teachers debate together, dine together, and pray together. We believe that true knowledge does not come only from behind a professor’s desk in a lecture hall. Our fundamental teaching method is interactive seminars.

Student boarding in a manor house

Ten months at the Collegium means living on the grounds of a manor house built for one of the most distinguished aristocratic families of Pressburg in the 18th century, the Grasalkovič family. In the second half of the 20th century, the Jesuits gained ownership of the manor house and founded a boarding house. In the year 2009, the manor house became the seat of the Collegium. It includes a beautiful garden and a pleasant environment for study and relaxation.

A live community of young people

As a student of the Collegium Anton Neuwirth, one gets to know a wide circle of friends and supporters of our institute. After successful completion of the program, one can have the opportunity to become a member of the Ladislav Hanus Fellowship, which today is comprised of more than 230 young professionals from different spheres. Being a part of the Collegium will also mean resolving issues that move our society forward with those who are responsible for their resolution. The stay at the Collegium is an irreplaceable chance to be at the center of an ever-growing community of interesting and like-minded people.

Inspiring academic environment

The study of liberal arts will be the opportunity to meet with the great minds of Western civilization. The reading of great works, regular discussions, and essay writing with emphasis on analytical approach and critical thinking teach one to reevaluate one’s positions and formulate one’s own thoughts accurately and persuasively. Lastly, colloquia on current themes enable one to apply acquired knowledge to reflection on current political and social developments.

Educators interested in you

At the Collegium Anton Neuwirth, unapproachable teachers with limited office hours are unheard of. Students are, together with their educators, members of one collegium, and thus, are partners on the path to knowledge. Our educators will always be nearby, ready to answer questions, to give advice, and to listen.

What do our students say?

“College of Anton Neuwirth is for me the fellowship of young people, with whom I can discuss about my opinions and form my thoughts in a community of equal partners. For me, College is a very strong spiritual experience – living in a community under pastoral care of the amazing spiritual father. Kolegium is missing part of Slovak education system, which is connecting students from various fields – mutually enriching with each others perspectives. Therefore College is a key life experience for each student yearning for cognition.”


CAN gave me great colleagues and friends. We are not an ordinary community because collegium is openly and directly dedicated to seeking good and truth. This differs from the rest of the communities in which I am in. You can feel it in the way we think and act, maybe not visible on the outside, but our relationships between each other show it. In fact, I didn’t really know what I’d been missing before I entered KAN. Collegium is for all who want to understand and know truth by using their mind, and as best as they can. Because to know the truth means to understand the meaning of life.