Why Choose the Collegium of Anton Neuwirth?

A yearlong academic and leadership development program

The academic yearlong program of the Collegium of Anton Neuwirth offers an unparalleled opportunity for the growth and development of the whole person. Courses on practical philosophy and Christian culture, as well as colloquia on current issues, will enable you not only to broaden your knowledge but also to apply and defend it. Regular courses will be enriched by activity-loaded weekends and social events hosted at the Collegium. All this will happen in a group of twenty students under the leadership of university instructors – themselves fellow scholars – from Slovakia and abroad.

Entry into the great traditions of liberal arts study

We have created the Collegium of Anton Neuwirth in order to offer you access to the same ideas that formed the great figures of European history and culture. But it is not only what you are learning, but also how you are learning it, that is unique. We have styled the method of instruction according to the example of elite universities, featuring personal attention, discussion-based seminars, and a close community of scholars. This ‘collegium’ is the ideal locus of liberal arts study. Like the founders of the first universities, we believe that true knowledge and real understanding do not only come from behind a podium or in a lecture. With this in mind, we have designed the Collegium of Anton Neuwirth to provide space for education of the whole person. This sort of education takes place in informal discussions, in the dining room, and in the chapel.

Housing in a castle

Spending nine months at the Collegium of Anton Neuwirth means residing in a breathtaking castle built as the summer residence of one of the most distinguished aristocratic families of 19th century Pressburg (now Bratislava). Today, after almost a century, this castle has been transformed into the model location for vibrant academic life. The Collegium of Anton Neuwirth offers you comfortable and beautiful housing with great historical and cultural value.

An inspiring academic environment

Liberal arts study is the ideal way to encounter the great thinkers in European history. Reading classic works foundational to our culture, actively participating in regular discussions, and writing essays that emphasize an analytical approach and critical thinking will prepare you to synthesize acquired knowledge and support it using well-formed arguments. Finally, an array of colloquia on current issues will enable you to use this knowledge to inform your understanding of recent developments.

A vibrant community of young people

As a student and eventual alumnus of the Collegium of Anton Neuwirth, you will be given the opportunity to be a part of a widespread community that contains not only friends and supporters of the Collegium of Anton Neuwirth and the Ladislav Hanus Fellowship, but also many notable figures in public life. To be a member of the Collegium will mean discussing issues of crucial importance with the people responsible for devising the solutions. Here at the Collegium, you will have the unique chance to be at the centre of a constantly growing community of interesting and like-minded people.

Teachers who care

At the Collegium of Anton Neuwirth there are no unreachable teachers with limited office hours. Students join with the teacher as partners on the path to true knowledge. Teachers at the Collegium are fellow scholars and will always be available and willing to join you in your struggle with perplexing questions, give encouragement and advice, or just listen.